Jan. 16, 2024

Telehealth has existed for some time but became much more popular due to necessity during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth, sometimes called telemedicine is the use of digital technology, smartphones, telephones, tablets, and computers to access healthcare services without going to the office in person. Telehealth is a great option for people who cannot attend healthcare visits in person and can also help patients save on transportation costs and time. Click here to view a brief infographic on telehealth

The US Department of Health and Human Services has a website with detailed information about telehealth which you can visit here. You may wonder what a healthcare provider can do for you on a digital platform. Telehealth can be used for the following types of appointments: 

  • Mental health therapy, such as counseling and medication management
  • Discussion of lab test or x-ray results 
  • Skin conditions
  • Prescription management 
  • Post-surgical follow-up 
  • Remote monitoring services 
  • Treatment and follow-up for chronic conditions
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy

Click here to see an infographic with tips on care options under telehealth. 

If you are insured and want to explore your telehealth options, please visit your insurance provider’s website, or mobile app, or call an office to discover healthcare providers in your network. Regardless of your insurance status, you can receive care on a sliding fee scale through a health center. Those with public, private, and no insurance can all receive care. Click here to enter your location and find a health center near you

If you need help accessing telehealth, this website provides helpful troubleshooting resources for new users. 

The Arizona Telemedicine Program offers a service provider directory that you can search based on state, teleservices, and customers to determine telehealth resources accessible to you.