Summertime Resources for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness in Arizona

Aug. 8, 2023

The summer months in Arizona can be especially challenging for individuals experiencing homelessness. The scorching heat poses significant health risks and exacerbates the difficulties those without stable housing face. Fortunately, Arizona has resources and support systems in place to help mitigate the impact of summer on people experiencing homelessness. This article highlights essential summertime resources available in the state to provide relief and support during the hot months.

Cooling Centers:

As temperatures rise, cooling centers play a crucial role in providing a respite from the heat. These designated locations offer air-conditioned spaces, water, and a safe environment. Some notable cooling centers in Arizona include:

  • The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army operates cooling centers in various cities across Arizona, offering a place to cool off during the hottest hours of the day. Contact your local Salvation Army office or visit their website for specific locations and hours of operation.
  • Public Libraries: Many public libraries throughout the state provide cooling spaces, allowing individuals to escape the heat and access resources such as books, computers, and educational programs.

Water Distribution Points:

Staying hydrated is essential during the summer, especially for individuals without consistent access to clean water. Several organizations in Arizona offer water distribution points to ensure that people experiencing homelessness have access to safe drinking water. Look for the following resources:

  • St. Vincent de Paul: St. Vincent de Paul operates water stations across Arizona, distributing bottled water to those in need. Visit their website or contact their local offices for information on water distribution points in your area.
  • Community and Faith-Based Organizations: Local community and faith-based organizations often organize water drives and distributions during the summer. Keep an eye out for announcements and partnerships in your community.

Outreach Services:

Outreach programs provide essential support to individuals experiencing homelessness, particularly during the summer. These services typically offer water, hygiene kits, sunscreen, and referrals to shelter and other resources. Look for organizations such as:

  • Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement (HOPE): HOPE in Tucson offers summer outreach services, delivering water, sunblock, and other necessities to individuals living on the streets. Contact HOPE or visit their website for more details.
  • Local Nonprofits and Community Centers: Many local nonprofits and community centers collaborate with volunteers and outreach teams to provide support to those experiencing homelessness during the summer months. Reach out to organizations in your area to inquire about their summertime outreach efforts.

Arizona's summer heat presents unique challenges for individuals experiencing homelessness. However, various resources are available to offer relief and support during this time. Cooling centers, water distribution points, and outreach services play a crucial role in providing a respite from the heat, ensuring hydration, and connecting individuals to additional resources. If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness during the summer, reach out to these organizations to access the support and assistance available. Remember, there are resources and caring individuals ready to help you or your unhoused neighbors stay safe and healthy during the hot months.