No-Cost Behavioral Health Training through AHCCCS and PAXIS Partnership

Aug. 10, 2022

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System has joined a four-year partnership with the PAXIS Institute to expand the use of science-based education strategies, or Pax Tools, in free trainings for human service providers, youth workers, and community educators. 


PAX Tools help educate professionals by teaching trauma-informed, evidence-based strategies that improve cooperation and self-regulation, increasing supportive environments for young children and teens, and helping them to achieve their fullest potential. Using the PAX Toolkit, community health workers and educators can make a difference in the developmental stages of the 41.9% of youth in Arizona who experience adverse childhood experiences, positively impacting their ability to process emotions and change their relationships with themselves and others. 


The eight-hour PAX Tools training is split over two days and hosted virtually over Zoom; PAXIS Institute also offers a $100 Amazon gift card if the training is done outside your normal work schedule. If you’re interested in signing up, you can register on the PAXIS website or email any questions to