Antibiotic Stewardship

Dec. 13, 2022

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that at least 28% of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary and are most often misprescribed for common colds, viral sore throats, bronchitis, and sinus and ear infections. The 47 million excess antibiotic prescriptions a year puts patients and constituents at a higher risk for adverse reactions, including allergic reactions or the sometimes deadly diarrhea, Clostridium difficile. Antibiotic stewardship, the effort to measure and improve how antibiotics are prescribed by healthcare providers and used by patients, has become a growing effort in the healthcare field to reduce the overprescription of antibiotics. 

We’ve found some training and informational resources to help in your journey with antibiotic stewardship to improve the health of the communities you serve: